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Care for all older Australians!

Dear Scott Morrison and Minister Colbeck,

When your Government took away the time that aged care workers had to help older Australians, you took away the time that older Australians had to enjoy their retirement. You took away the time they could relax with their families, see their grandchildren grow. You took away the time they had to enjoy the days they spent their whole lives working for.

Every Australian should have a dignified life in retirement. Every older Australian should be treated with respect. Every older Australian receiving aged care should know that the people who care for them can be there for them whenever they need, for as long as they need.

The time that your government has taken from aged care must be given back. We, people in aged care, their friends and families, and the people who support older Australians every day, are united to demand you give back that time. You should restore the time allowed for essential care in this year’s budget, and more than that, you should make a law to protect a dignified retirement for everyone.