About our turn to care

Aged care services support older people to continue enjoying life in their own homes or in supported residential communities.

But since the Liberal Party cut aged care funding by more than a billion dollars, service providers have been struggling and standards could slip.

We are family members, older Australians, and workers in Aged Care, campaigning to get the Federal Government and Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt to increase Aged Care funding and make it reliable.

The Liberal Party Government has let down the very people who’ve cared for us our entire lives.

So, now, it’s Our Turn To Care.

We need all our politicians to commit to provide quality care and a dignified life for all older Australians by delivering increased and sustainable funding for Aged Care.

You can show that you care by signing up to our campaign on this website.

Check out our Facebook page for more information and regular updates on the campaign: facebook.com/ourturntocare

Join with us, and show that you care for the people who have cared for us our entire lives.